Residential Home Inspection

Depending on property size, and condition, a typical home inspection will require 2-4 hours to conduct. During the inspection, customer attendance is not required, but it is highly encouraged. We are committed to provide as much resourceful information as possible, whether you are a first time, or experienced home buyer. It is our mission to assist families make the most informed decision possible, including any special inspection concerns, or tips for basic home maintenance.

The inspection will include digital photos, along with other testing devices to aid in documenting inspected areas with diagrams and helpful descriptions for your report. After the inspection, you will be notified via email when your report is finished, and where you can view it online.

Every home, new build, or existing is inspected with equipment that surpass what just a visual inspection can provide. Aerial drone photography, gas meters, and infrared thermal imaging cameras are just a few tools used during our inspections to ensure safety, prevent unknown expenses, and provide piece of mind.

Inspection Services For All Needs

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